Let’s be honest; it’s quite challenging to find that perfect foundation that caters to our skin needs since there are countless shades and formulas to choose from. Foundations are the trickiest makeup products since you can either get a flawless base or the exact opposite that would make you look cakey. Well, with a little bit of research you’d be able to get the correct shade for your skin without looking ghostly. If you wish to get a seamless base for your makeup, we’ve curated some handy tips for you on how to choose the perfect foundation.

Finding the perfect foundation for your skin tone

The very first step to choose the perfect foundation is knowing your skin type. Be it dry, oily, combination, or normal, you need to pick a formula that would suit your skin the best.

How to choose the Perfect Foundation


Identify your undertone 

If you take a look at your bare skin, notice how golden or rosy it is. If your skin is golden, you have a warm undertone and if it is on the rosier hue, you have a cool undertone. If it’s a combination of both, you probably have a neutral undertone. You can also determine your undertone by checking your veins. If they appear greenish, you have a warm undertone. If they appear bluish or purplish, you have a cool undertone and if you notice both, you have a neutral undertone.

Match the foundation shade to your skin tone

Matching the right foundation to your skin tone is necessary. The best way to test the right shade is to test them on your jawline. The right shade should blend into your skin seamlessly without leaving a white cast or making your look darker. If you’re in doubt, you can always choose a shade slightly darker than your complexion since going a shade lighter would make you look grey and washed out.

Choose the right finish

If you’re just a beginner and exploring, you might not have heard of the different finishes of a foundation. Well, there are several different formulas in which you get a foundation, and depending on your skin type, you must choose one.

Dewy/illuminating finish

You can choose a dewy or an illuminating foundation if your skin type is dry since it would hydrate your skin and make it look dewy. The Second Skin Drop Foundation would suit you the best if you’re looking for such a finish.

Matte finish

If you have oily or combination, a foundation with a mattifying finish would be the best for you since it controls the oil on your face and doesn’t make your face look oily. The Stay Matte Foundation gives you a flawless, oil-free look and is a boon if you’re from an oily skin family.

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