How to make your makeup last all day

You have a big celebration day coming up that is going to last for a long time. It is evident that you are worried about looking great throughout the party. You need to ensure that your makeup lasts all day to make you look presentable throughout the event.

Today, most of the makeup products available in the market are not durable enough to last long. You need to blend it with the right products to ensure that the makeup lasts all day without smudging off in the middle of your celebrations.

So How to Make Your Makeup Lasts all day?

Here are some techniques that you can use to get a perfect makeup look that lasts all day.

Prepare Your Skin Before You Apply Your Makeup

It does not matter how much effort you put in to apply makeup on your face, if your skin is not prepped beforehand, the makeup won’t last long. For preparing the skin, firstly exfoliate your face to get rid of bacteria, dead skin cells and oil from the skin surface. 

Once you are done with exfoliating, use the toners and moisturizers to balance the pH level of the skin and prepare the canvas to add freshness to your face. It is the first step to prepare your skin before you apply makeup on your skin.

Use Primer Upon Your Face & Eyes

Use the best face primer upon face and eyes

Applying primers is the first step to learn how to make your makeup last all day. Primers are used for sealing the skin and also smoothens the skin surface to make your makeup last longer. Use the face primer to fill the pores and fine lines for smoothening the skin surface.

For better results, you can use the water-based or oil-free primer that will prevent your foundation from moving around. Now, go ahead and use an eye primer to prepare the surface of the eyes for eyeliner and eyeshadow to last without getting creased or smudged. 

Apply an Oil-Free Foundation

Oil free stay matte liquid foundation

It is Quite Necessary that you choose the right foundation for your face. If you have oily skin than normal foundation most likely results in sliding out of the makeup. Therefore, go with the oil-free matte foundation for the next step. If you have dry skin, prefer moisturizing the skin well before applying such foundations.

Use a Good Blender to Apply Makeup

Now, you are all set to apply your makeup starting with light layers. When you want your makeup to last for a long time, ensure that you start with light layers. You must create a smooth complexion and a fine texture before you can apply more makeup on your face. Moreover, it will give your skin a natural look without making you feel heavy from your face.

Final Addons With Eyeshadow, Eyeliner & Lipcolour

Now, dip the eyeshadow brush you use onto the priming spray and apply it on your eyelids. It will help you get glossy eyes that will last for long. Once you are done with that, wear waterproof eyeliner and mascara and apply a primer-mixed matter liquid lipstick to make it last longer.

Here’s a short tutorial of our users on how to make your makeup last all day.

Now, you know how to make your makeup last all day. These are some of the techniques that you must mandatorily implement to ensure that your makeup lasts all day. Follow the right application process to wear your beauty throughout your celebration events.

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