How to choose makeup products according to your skin tone

Determining the right skin tone is the first step towards choosing the right makeup product. You need to be aware of what suits your skin before you can apply any cosmetic product onto it. Some people have that realisation beforehand while some still need some guidance to select suitable products that suit them.

Beautifying your facial complexion is a priority but using the right products is even important to consider. Whether you want to use a foundation, bronzer, concealer or blush, you need to get the right products to add that vibrant glam to your skin without inviting the side effects and dull look.

What Are Different Types of Skin Tones?

There are two types of tones named as skin tones and skin undertones. Skin tones are categorized into light, medium and dusky, whereas the skin undertones are classified as cool, neutral and warm.

How To Determine Your Skin Tone?

how to determine you skin tone

You must determine your skin tone first before you can go ahead and know how to choose makeup products. You have eventually known your skin tone by observing the colour of your face. Whether you have a light, dusky or medium complexion, there are products specified particularly for you.

What Are Different Types of Skin Undertones
Differen types of Skin undertone

The main aspect to consider is skin undertones. You need to check your facial tone under the natural light to know the undertone you possess. Take a mirror along with you under the natural sunlight and observe your facial veins. 

If you find your veins purple or blue, then you probably have cool skin undertone. If it looks greenish-blue, then you have a warm skin undertone. If there is no probable sign of green or blue colour in your veins, then you are probably of the neutral skin undertone type.

How to Choose makeup products according to your skin tone?

Whether you are choosing a lipstick, lip colour, foundation, highlighter or blush, there are different products that are meant for your skin tone. You have to pick the right one by checking your skin tone and undertone. 

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Once you get the product, try it on a small portion of your face. For instance, if you are buying a foundation, try it on your jawline instead of your hands. If the jawline matches with your facial complexion, then the product is right for you.

Similarly, for lipsticks, you can go for pink coloured lipsticks for very fair skin. If you have fair skin with a cool undertone, you can go with red lipstick products. For warm undertones and fair skin, you can go for orange hues. Medium skin type can go with any colour between red, pink or nudes. Dusky skin complexions can blend perfectly with berry or purple colour lipsticks.

Now, you know quite well how to choose makeup products for yourself. You don’t want to look dull even with makeup on just for the sake of using the product you bought. So, it is better to check your skin tone and undertone before you could purchase and use any makeup products.

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