Did you know pen eyeliners can make or break your eye makeup? But when done correctly, they can take your eye makeup game to another level. Since there are so many kinds of eyeliners available in the market, it becomes tricky to choose the right one. However, if you’re a beginner or just want to get that precision line, a pen liner is the best option to go for. With just some tips and tricks you can achieve a flawless line that makes your eyes pop. read on to find out how to apply pen eyeliner flawlessly. 

Start with dots and dashes

The best trick to get that perfect eyeliner look is by marking dots on your eyelid as a guide to where you would like to make it as a normal or wing. Then connect the dots and dashes to make a line and voila! You have that perfectly shaped eyeliner!

How to apply Pen Eyeliner

If you’re looking for the best pen liner in India that lasts long and has a fine tip, try out the Insight Cosmetics Intense pen liner.

Fix any mistakes with a cotton swab

Keeping your hand stable while drawing a line on your eye can be tricky, especially when you’re just starting. If your hand is shaky you’re bound to make mistakes. But worry no more! You can always fix the eyeliner mistakes with a cotton swab.

Dip your cotton swab onto a makeup remover and gently wipe away the mistakes you’ve made and you’d be all ready to rock! Keep in mind to let the liner dry first and then wipe it with the swab so that the rest of the liner doesn’t smudge.

Tightline your lashline 

The best way to make your eye look sultry yet natural is to tight line your upper and lower lashline. Gently pull your upper eyelid and start rimming the insides from the inner corner to the outer corner. Follow it up with the bottom lash line as well.

How to apply Pen Eyeliner

The tight lining looks the best when done with a fine line and the best pen eyeliner that can help you achieve that is the Insight Cosmetics Intense Penliner.

Set your liner with an eyeshadow

Eyeliners tend to fade or melt during hot, humid climates, and to ensure that it doesn’t happen, you can set your liner with the same colored eyeshadow. Take a black eyeshadow if you’re using black eyeliner. Take an eyeliner brush and dip it in the eyeshadow. Then start drawing a line exactly on top of your eyeliner. This would ensure that your liner stays in place and doesn’t budge. 

Warm-up your liner

If your pen liner isn’t gliding smoothly or has lost its pigment, try warming it up between your palms. The warmth of your hands would help in melting the pigment so that your eyeliner can glide smoothly on your eyes.

How to apply Pen Eyeliner

The Insight Cosmetics Intense pen liner has a non-drying formula and is highly pigmented for you to get that perfect look you’ve desired.

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